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Movement For Life


I believe in movement for life, and use Yoga, Pilates and Clinical Massage to help you do just that, in an effort to keep you healthy, happy and well,  

There are many things that can help keep us moving throughout our lives and regular massage treatment and movement classes are part of that. I use my skills as a body worker and teacher to help keep pain away, keep us mobile, as well as helping with relaxation, sleep problems, depression, anxiety and stress. All of which supports a happy and healthy body and mind.   

I have always loved to move and was a keen and competitive sports person as a child as well as a trained dancer. My love of movement sent me on a path to train to be a dance/movement performance artist, whilst continuing to practise sports as a hobby. And I have never stopped - keeping myself moving keeps me sane, and I know contributes to my own health, wellness and happiness. 

My journey to help others to keep moving, healthy, happy and well started over twenty years ago when I first trained as an aromatherapist and massage therapist, and my body work has gone onto incorporate, Indian head massage, sports massage, hot stone therapy massage, myofascial therapy and clinical massage. Culminating in becoming the only massage therapist (so far) in West Wales with a degree level BTEC 6 in Advanced Clinical Massage. I use all my knowledge to help get and keep people out of pain, find ease in movement, and help with problems due to sleep issues, stress, anxiety and depression.

Alongside my hands on therapy, I have trained as an Advanced Pilates Instructor and a 500 hour Yoga teacher. I have taught movement classes since I was a teen (assisting teaching both dance and martial arts as a student) and it was as a student I discovered yoga and Pilates, becoming inspired to learn to teach both. I now have over 15 years’ experience of teaching mindful movement mat based classes.  I believe in having fun on the mat whilst looking for poses and exercises that will help to move us in a functional way to maintain the best for our bodies. My Yoga & Pilates classes are currently helping members to manage pain issues, help keep them moving to enjoy other hobbies and interests, improve their sleep quality and mange the ups and downs that life throws at them. I welcome beginners to all my classes which are suitable for all levels from beginner up. But if you feel you have a particular movement issue then please reach out to me when booking your first class so we can discuss making sure the class is accessible to you.

"I believe in movement for life"

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