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Make a Commitment to Move More for Your Health

More and more we hear that getting up (and out) and moving is beneficial for our health and research is showing that movement and exercise is one of the things that can be great for mental health and combating stress. But fitting exercise into a busy life can be tough so here are my top 5 tips on helping yourself to get moving, making it part of your daily routine and setting a habit of movement for life.

Tip 1

Set an appointment in your diary - clear some space in your day and plan in advance when you are going to get up and take some movement and exercise.

Tip 2

Make a date with a friend or teacher - if you have arranged to meet a friend for a walk or booked a class or gym session it's much harder to back out of it, you don't want to be letting other people down. Plus exercising with a friend or in a group can make it more fun and will often encourage you to work a little harder.

Tip 3

Set a goal - this could be a big goal such as training for an event like a sponsored walk or swim, but also a smaller goal such as setting a target for how many times you are going to get out and walk each week or how many lengths you want to swim in the pool in a week.

Tip 4

Reward yourself - it's ok to reward yourself with a treat when you hit your goal, perhaps it is something like a beer or piece of cake if you make your weekly goal. If you are heading to something bigger such as a race, plan a reward. It could be a social occasion such as dinner with friends to celebrate after you cross the finish line, or buying something you want.

Tip 5

Enjoy it - find ways to move that you enjoy, hitting the treadmill in the gym isn't for everyone, there are lots of ways to move and exercise, both inside and out. Dancing, swimming, walking,biking, aerobics, weights, yoga it all counts. if you enjoy your activity (or activities mixing - there's no need to stick to just one) then you'll look forward to doing it, it won't feel like a chore and the activity itself will feel like a reward.

So if you don't exercise regularly, set a plan now - it will feel hard to start but tell yourself you will benefit from it and it won't be long before you feel fabulous!

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