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Self Love

Life is always busy there is pressure to exercise as we know we need to be more active, social engagements that need to be met and then there is always work to be done in the garden or on the house. This is all on top of our work and family commitments. All this can leave the body feeling tired and more achy.

Spending a little bit of time on some self care can really help to keep the body in great condition to help keep us moving. This can be simple self massage with a foam roller or massage ball (a tennis ball works fine) to help get into tight muscles and relieve the achy bits.

When using a massage roller or ball then you use the weight of your body as it leans on the tool to create the right pressure - you are in control here and can choose the right amount of pressure for the area of body you want to work with. Then roll the body around until you've had enough - a few rolls is fine, you do not need to be rolling for more than a minute or two on any area of the body! If you want to massage your legs or back then you will need to sit or lie on the floor with the massage tool in between the area of the body you want to work, then roll the muscles in the leg forwards and backwards. A great way to get into your shoulders is to lean against the wall with a ball between you and the wall and roll the shoulder over the ball there. It is a great time to add in some gentle stretching afterwards to help ease some tension too.

You can also use a ball to massage your hands or feet - pressing one foot at a time into the ball and rolling - whilst standing, or try leaning with your hand onto a work surface to roll your hand and even your forearm to ease tension in the hands and wrists. Try taking some gentle stretches after to really ease tired hands and feet. For some inspiration on how to look after the hands and feet then click on the video link below

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