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Worried, Nervous, Stressed About Joining A New Class

Are you thinking about joining a new fitness/mindfulness class this year? Not sure that the class is going to be right for you? Then follow these hints and tips to help you build the

confidence to work through the door and join in.

Firstly ask yourself an important question - What do you want to get from the class - strength, flexibility, improve back health, get fit, relax? Once you know what you are looking for then you can look for a class to help. Speak to friends or family who go to classes to find out if the classes they attend will help with your needs. Or if you don't know anyone who goes to a class speak to the teachers in your area, they will be more than happy to talk to you about their classes, and if they don't think they are the right teacher for you, might be able to point out a class that will suit you better.

Find out if there is a beginners workshop or course you can do to build confidence, or maybe book a 1 to 1 with the teacher. Even just a little bit of experience can make it easier to walk through a class door, and you might find a friend at a workshop who you can arrange to meet up with to go to a regular class so you know that you can be beginners together.

Once you have found a class to join check in with the teacher or studio what do you need for the class are you expected to bring a mat, certain equipment etc or find out if the studio/teacher has things you can borrow for a while.

Once you work through that door be prepared to feel a bit uncomfortable - the activities will be new so your body is going to respond to that, feeling some discomfort is normal - out and out pain is not and if you are in pain hold back and ask for help from the teacher. You are much better of walking out of that first class thinking you could have done more than pushing yourself to point of injury.

Remember not to worry about what anyone else is doing, they all have a totally different body and needs to you. So don't compare yourself with the person next to you, if they have been attending the class for years they may be able to do things that you perhaps can't, alternatively they may have an injury and need to hold back and adapt the class in a way that won't suit you at all. If you are a beginner no one will expect you to do everything perfectly not being able to do something is not a reason not to go, the person next to you certainly won't care what you are doing.

If the teacher offers advice on how you can best access the exercises/stretches etc then listen and try them out, they are not singling you out as the new person they want to help you get the most of the class that they can. If the advice really doesn't feel right then you can say and the teacher may have another approach but in the long run it will help you improve quicker.

Finally find a class you can enjoy - you will want to stick at it! For a short chat about joining a new class, check out the YouTube video - Stressed about joining a new class -

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