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Yoga and Pilates - the Same or Different?

People ask me what's the difference between yoga and Pilates all the time, and the truth is they are hugely different. But of course what they want to know is what is the difference between the classes and which should they do - and then the answer becomes more difficult. They mix and match and you will do things in one class that you will also find in another depending on the style and type of yoga or Pilates class you are going to and of course the teacher. If you are trying to decide which class to go to then talk to the teacher, find out what sort of class they offer and tell them what you are hoping to achieve by attending a class (e.g. better flexibility, core strength, to help your other sport, relax and sleep better). But mostly go and try them out, see what you enjoy - a class with me will feel very different to class with a different teacher in the same studio even. My biggest piece of advice is find a class you enjoy- then you will want to keep going back to it week after week.

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